Improving Your Office Teleconferencing Experience

Although many offices are returning to a state of normalcy, one thing is rapidly becoming clear: remote work is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Whether you have permanently remote employees or you're adopting a hybrid scheduling model, improving your teleconferencing experience should be a high priority. Even for offices that do not have a high proportion of remote workers, teleconference continues to be essential for communicating with other companies or branches located out-of-state or even out-of-country. [Read More]

Home Theater Features Ideal For Sci-Fi Movie Lovers

The sci-fi genre has created a massive fan base over the years and includes several franchises like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Alien. If you love sci-fi movies, you can cater home theater systems directly to the genre and elevate your movie watching experience. While each feature directly helps with your sci-fi movie watching, you will also enjoy the features with other movies and television shows. Back-Lit Televisions Sci-fi movies take you on a journey to all different worlds and adventures. [Read More]

Using Eco-Friendly Home Automation To Reduce Energy Costs In Your Home

One of the plus sides of modern technology, amidst all of the negative sides involving pollution, is that we can now more easily work towards a greener planet with home automation. Here are a few ways that putting your home under autonomous control can help make it greener when it comes to energy use. Automatic Temperature Control By using a smart thermostat and a smartphone connected to it, your house will be able to tell when you're home and when you aren't. [Read More]

The Perks Of Smart Windows And Lighting

There are so many new smart technologies that can make your home more livable. While some of the emerging technologies may seem unnecessarily futuristic, you will be surprised how many of them are actually very practical and usable. Home automation is a hot trend that will only become more and more common and affordable in the coming years. This article explains some of the most impressive and practical home automation technologies. [Read More]