4 Important Services Offered by A/V Companies

When planning an event — whether it is a corporate meeting, conference, trade show, or wedding — one of the important factors to consider is the audio/visual (A/V) company you will use. A good company can make your event run smoothly and create a memorable experience for your guests. These professionals offer services like live streaming, equipment rental, and on-site support, which can be vital to the success of your event. [Read More]

Acoustical Engineering: Drown Out The Noise In Your Building

If the noise levels in your office building keep you from hearing or interacting with your customers properly, ask a consultant about acoustical engineering services. A noisy or boisterous environment can interfere with the productivity of your office. Acoustical engineering can help you drown out the noise in your building. Learn more about acoustical engineering and how you can use it to quiet down your surroundings. What's Acoustical Engineering? Acoustical refers to sound, or how you hear things around you. [Read More]