Using Eco-Friendly Home Automation To Reduce Energy Costs In Your Home

One of the plus sides of modern technology, amidst all of the negative sides involving pollution, is that we can now more easily work towards a greener planet with home automation. Here are a few ways that putting your home under autonomous control can help make it greener when it comes to energy use.

Automatic Temperature Control

By using a smart thermostat and a smartphone connected to it, your house will be able to tell when you're home and when you aren't. When you aren't home, the thermostat can let the house move toward the ambient temperature outside. So, in the summer, the temperature in your house will rise so you don't burn energy on cooling it that's unneeded.

Smartphone apps will also often make it so that you can rig the system to recognize when you're coming home and change the temperature in your house appropriately so it's back to where you want it when you return. That way, you can stay comfortable, save money, and help save the planet all simultaneously.

Automatic Solar Panels, Sun Roofs and Shades

You can also rig up solar panels on your roof so that they shift during the day. In order to get the maximum energy from the sun, the panels would have to shift to stay at the best angle to the sun as it moves throughout the sky. While you might not always want a sunroof to let in light from the outside, doing this during the day will also help to naturally heat up your home during colder months.

Both shades and changing window tint controls can be potentially controlled by autonomous systems through your house if you find the right system. There are also windows that can absorb sunlight as electricity when you don't need to see through them if they are in rooms on the sun side but that wouldn't have a significant effect on heating your home.

Other Smart, Autonomous Energy Systems

There are also smart bulbs out there these days as well that can allow your house to turn on and off lights only as necessary. They'll be able to tell where you are based on things like your smart phone's GPS location, for example. And when you're not in your house, the system can turn off all of the lights. It's even good enough to turn lights on and off as you move through your house.

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