Home Theater Features Ideal For Sci-Fi Movie Lovers

The sci-fi genre has created a massive fan base over the years and includes several franchises like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Alien. If you love sci-fi movies, you can cater home theater systems directly to the genre and elevate your movie watching experience.

While each feature directly helps with your sci-fi movie watching, you will also enjoy the features with other movies and television shows.

Back-Lit Televisions

Sci-fi movies take you on a journey to all different worlds and adventures. You can become more engaged with the movies through the use of television backlighting. A newer technology, the back lights match the tones and colors seen on the screen. So if you're watching a movie like Avatar filled with blues, the back-light will reflect a blue outline on the wall.

The back-lit TV removes distractions and helps keep your focus directly on the movie. During battle sequences and intense moments, the backlight can increase the mood of the scene and completely change the way you watch movies.

Television Wall Mounts

For many sci-fi movie fans, some of the most memorable times seeing the films are at the theaters, but a home theater installation can help replicate the experience. A television wall mount gives you the chance to display a larger television up on the wall and make the room feel like your personal movie theater.

Many modern and classic sci-fi movies have released digital 4K upgrades, featuring top-notch quality and effects viewers never got to experience in the theater. When you mount a big-screen 4K television to your wall, you can see the movies like you never have before.

Surround Sound

Along with the effects, sound is an essential element in sci-fi movies. Alien ships zoom by. Creatures make strange noises. Blaster fights include huge laser bullet exchanges. Hear all of those sounds with a whole new perspective using a surround-sound installation. Speakers placed all around a room will provide separate tracks for sound effects, dialogue, and music.

You will feel like a part of the sci-fi world and can enjoy the movie experience with all of the details.

In-Seat Bass Boosters

As you select from various home theater systems, you have the option to add in-seat bass boosters to your theater seating. When a loud explosion takes place, you will feel the vibrations in the seats. As you watch a space battle, you can feel the same impacts and explosions the other pilots face.

You also have the option to toggle the bass boosters on and off depending on your personal preferences.

Inquire about all these features and completely transform your home theater experience with the upgrades.

To learn more, contact a home theater system supplier.